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5 Common Steering & Suspension Problems and Their Solutions


Imagine cruising along the scenic routes of the Land Down Under, when suddenly you sense an unusual pull to the side or an odd squeak every time you turn the wheel. What’s going on? These quirks might be symptoms of a looming steering or suspension issue. It’s not just about the ride quality; it’s about safety and performance. Let’s journey into understanding these challenges and how to address them.

Understanding the Basics of Steering & Suspension

Definition and Function of Steering 

Steering systems play a pivotal role in manoeuvring your vehicle. It’s the intricate network allowing drivers to direct the car where they intend. A malfunction here? That’s a direct compromise on control.

Definition and Function of Suspension 

Now, imagine a car that jerks with every road bump or pebble. That’s what a faulty suspension does. The suspension system ensures that the car rides smoothly, maintaining optimum contact with the road.

Common Signs of Steering & Suspension Issues

Difficulty Turning the Wheel

Ever struggled to turn the wheel or felt it being unusually stiff? It’s not just your imagination. This indicates an underlying issue which, if left unchecked, can pose significant dangers, especially on rugged terrains.

Car Pulling to One Side 

It’s distracting and worrisome when your car seems to have a mind of its own, pulling to one side. Often a sign of misalignment, this not only disrupts the driving experience but also leads to uneven tyre wear.

Feeling Every Bump on the Road 

No one fancies a bumpy ride. When you start feeling every little inconsistency on the road, it’s a strong indicator that your suspension is crying out for attention.

Noisy Steering 

That squeak or groan while turning isn’t a sign of ageing. Often, it points towards issues like worn-out power steering fluid or damaged belts.

Uneven Tyre Wear 

Regular tyre checks are crucial. If you observe uneven wear, it often hints at underlying suspension problems.

Five Common Steering & Suspension Problems and Their Solutions

Leaky Power Steering Fluid

  • Causes: Deteriorating seals or old hoses often lead to this issue.
  • Solutions: Ensure timely checks and replace any degraded components.

Worn-out or Damaged Struts and Shocks

  • Causes: Over time or due to rough driving conditions, these components wear out.
  • Solutions: A routine inspection followed by replacement or repair can save the day.

Malfunctioning Power Steering Pump

  • Causes: A lack of fluid or a malfunctioning belt system might be the culprits.
  • Solutions: Pump replacements or belt system checks can restore the function.

Bad Tie Rod Ends

  • Causes: Normal wear and tear or occasional damages can affect the tie rod ends.
  • Solutions: Regular inspections and replacements when necessary can prevent bigger issues.

Damaged Steering Rack

  • Causes: Wear and tear or fluid leaks can lead to this problem.
  • Solutions: Seeking a professional’s help for steering rack repair or replacement is advised.

Prevention and Maintenance Tips

Regular Check-ups and Service 

Regular maintenance isn’t just an option; it’s a necessity. Such proactive steps can extend the lifespan of your vehicle and assure a smooth drive.

Immediate Response to Abnormalities 

Noticed something odd? Don’t brush it off. Addressing vehicle issues immediately can prevent more significant, costlier problems down the road.

Using Quality Replacement Parts 

Quality matters. Opting for trusted brands and high-quality parts ensures not just longevity but safety as well.

Final Thoughts

Navigating through steering and suspension issues can be daunting, but with a solid understanding and timely action, you can ensure optimal vehicle performance and safety. Remember, it’s not just about the drive; it’s about the entire journey and the memories you make along the way. So, before setting out on your next adventure, give your car the attention it deserves. If you’re in Brendale and need expert assistance, consider reaching out to SNC Automotive, a trusted name in car mechanics, to ensure your vehicle remains in peak condition. Safe travels!

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