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SNC Automotive provides suspension services for all makes and models at our location in Brendale, a short distance from the Strathpine Centre and railway station. We stock a great range of car suspension and 4WD drive suspension components, so whether you’re in need of suspension servicing, repairs or replacements, tyre service or replacement, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team to discuss your requirements.


One of the most important systems in any vehicle, the suspension system is responsible for keeping the car in control by maximising friction between the tyres and the road, providing steering stability and comfortable handling, and absorbing/reducing excess energy from shocks generated by bumps and uneven surfaces in the road.

To ensure your suspension system is working efficiently, regular servicing is essential, as is repairing or replacing suspension components immediately if they become worn or damaged.

The benefits of ensuring your suspension system is in excellent working condition include:


Steering stability is one of the most important benefits of a maintaining a healthy suspension system. If roads were flat this wouldn’t be a problem, but as our roads are full of irregularities, a well-maintained suspension system is a necessity to absorb the shock of the bumps and imperfections in the road surface that would otherwise affect steering stability.

While many steering issues are caused by problems relating to the suspension, your suspension system may not be the reason why you’re experiencing steering problems. Common steering problems also include:

  • A leaking power steering pump or rack – Leaking steering fluid can result in all sorts of problems, including difficulty turning the steering wheel.
  • Worn out steering components – This can cause the car to veer to one side when steering. It can also be caused by tyres with different tread wear or inflation.


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If you notice any of these common steering or any other car-related issues, you need to have your car inspected by a qualified mechanic immediately. For a comprehensive range of reliable suspension and steering services in the northern suburbs, give SNC Automotive a call today – (07) 3205 4315.

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