SNC Automotive have been servicing the Stafford, Brisbane and surrounding suburbs for a number of years, and we are proud to have earned a reputation as a leader in our industry.

We are a local team of mechanics that have been dedicated to providing members of our community with outstanding customer service and support. Over the years, our consistent performance in the space of car repairs and maintenance has earned us our position as one of the most trusted and respected mechanics in the area. Our workshop and service center, which is located at 3/245 leitchs rd, Brendale is conveniently located for customers in most Brisbane North suburbs including Strathpine, Brendale, Albany Creek, Bridgeman Downs, Bracken Ridge, Aspley and Strathpine.


Our team of dedicated mechanics and technicians are all certified, experience and trade qualified. Collectively we have decades of experience in giving our customers expert car servicing for a diverse range of cars, makes and models and ages.

We understand that your vehicle is integral to how you live your life and manage your family. As a family-owned business, we strive to treat every vehicle that enters our workshop like it is our own. We have an outstanding reputation for providing a level of service that is second to none. Our leaders proactively implement best practices when it comes to process and procedures in order to give us a competitive advantage and keep your cost of repairs down.

We have invested in state-of-the-art diagnostic tools that we use to quickly identify problems with your vehicle and define the best possible course of action to get your car back on the road sooner.  In addition to this, our wealth of experience in car repairs and servicing in Stafford means that you will always have peace of mind that we are using the latest tools and technology to get your car back to you sooner.

We invest in regular development in the education and knowledge of our mechanics. Our team are always keeping up to date with the most modern trends and technology in the automotive space and we are passionate about bringing these innovations to the residents of Brisbane North. In the interest of continual improvement, we are dedicated to furthering our specialisations in different makes and models of vehicles from all over the world, and the technology that is unique to them.

Our customers are our lifeblood, so the team at SNC go the extra mile to make sure that our clients experience a best in class service from our people, and that the genuine parts and service that we provide gives you the best possible outcome for your vehicle.

At SNC, the cleanliness and safety of our environment are paramount to our success as a business. We make sure that our operations are carried out in a safe manner and pride ourselves on being able to keep our shop floor in pristine condition. As a customer, we need you to feel comfortable in our workshop, so we ensure that the time you spend with us is pleasant.

Many new customers at SNC tell us that our pricing is fair and competitive, and we plan to keep it that way. We want to make sure that our car and auto services and quoting process are completely transparent for our growing list of clients. To do this, we are dedicated to helping the end customer clearly understand what we are planning on doing to their vehicle, why we are doing it and what the estimated costs will be when we have finished our repairs or car service. We believe that you should have trust in your mechanic and always make sure to keep you informed of any potential changes that could affect the cost of your service.

We believe that keeping our customers informed is the key to ensuring a long-term partnership in the ongoing care and maintenance of your vehicle. SNC’s team promise to keep you up to date on the status of your repair or routine log book service including when the car will be available for collection as well as any changes to the timeline or cost of the quote as it happens.

Our team of expert auto mechanics have worked together to achieve outstanding results for our clients for many years. Over this time, we have built a solid foundation of trust that our new and existing employees are charged to embrace. To us, teamwork means that we are able to give our customers the most comprehensive selection of services available.

We really do love what we do. Automotive technology is our passion and the team at SNC dedicate ourselves each and every day to ensure that this passion shows through the work that we do, the relationships that we form and clients that we earn the opportunity to continue working with.



Customers of SNC Automotive trust us because we have consistently provided them with honest and reliable service and repairs for their personal vehicle or corporate fleet of vehicles. When our customers bring in their cars for either a routine log book maintenance session or ad hoc repair, they know that we will go the extra mile to ensure that their vehicle is looked after, that we will keep them informed of our progress and inform them immediately if there is any variation to what has been discussed or quoted.

Our customers also know that they are dealing with professionals who are qualified and have decades of experience in servicing a wide range of vehicles, makes, models and year builds. Technology in the automotive industry changes rapidly, and we dedicate ourselves to keeping up to date with the newest trends and tech that is being brought to market by some of the world’s leading brands of car manufacturers including BMW, Mercedes, Toyota, Lexus, Subaru, Chrysler, Nissan and Volkswagen. We use quality genuine parts for all vehicle repairs and maintenance, and only hire qualified and experienced technicians who have had many years of experience in looking after many types of cars.


For every car owner, keeping up with your log book service is a must. Vehicle manufacturers set service intervals to ensure that your vehicle will deliver the best performance over its lifetime. We carry out extensive vehicle inspections at our Brendale mechanic workshop to ensure that your vehicle is fully serviced in line with manufacturer’s recommendation and cost-effectively repaired as required. We will fill in your log book records for you accurately and professionally once the service is complete to ensure that you have a full record of your cars service history.


You can trust that when you trust your car servicing to SNC Automotive that your vehicle will be in safe hands. Our industry leading automotive diagnostic equipment is sophisticated and offers accurate, thorough and efficient troubleshooting to find faults and malfunctions in any vehicle. We can then provide you with a full report and recommendations on repair options to get your car working in as new condition.

We provide our customers with a wide range of options for the general mechanical servicing requirements. Our team of expert mechanics are fully qualified and certified and can advise you on every aspect of the required service items, replacement parts and general maintenance that your vehicle may require.

From our Brendale Mechanics Workshop, we can provide detailed diagnostics, analysis, inspection and repair to your cars auto electrical systems. This includes complex computer driven functions such as alternator and starter motor performance as well as all aspects of internal electrical wiring, battery, electric controls, sound systems and more.

We can help you understand the current health of your battery and advise whether you should consider replacing the battery to avoid unnecessary disruptions to life that a flat battery can cause.

Our full-service clutch and brake repair offerings include brake health check, inspection of discs, drums and flywheel, manual machining of components, replacement of brake shoes or pads and routine and panic maintenance of clutch systems including all hydraulics and lines.

We provide expert assistance with all types of cooling system technology on both aged and newer vehicles. We only use the best quality cooling additives to ensure that your vehicle is always running an optimum temperature.

We can help you improve the overall performance of your vehicle, as well as optimise fuel consumption by providing dyno tuning. This service will ensure that your fuel economy is maximised to your cars make and model specifications. We can also assist with fitting and optimising turbo charging parts, power chip optimisation computer technology and overall engine performance.

Our technicians are trained to conduct a thorough inspection and reparation of your EFI system if required. This involves checking all sensors and diagnostic information available from your cars computer, as well as cleaning, general inspection of your fuel injection systems.

Depending on the age of your vehicle, you may have noticed that your engines performance has somewhat degraded over time. At SNC Automotive Stafford, we can help inspect your engine, assess its current performance against potential performance and provide repairs and tuning to ensure that it is running as well as the day you bought it.

Because your engine is the most heavily used component of your vehicle, sometimes an engine rebuild will provide an option to extend the life of your car. We can advise on the most cost effective rebuild options for your vehicle, and help you keep your car on the road for longer.

When you have invested in a luxury vehicle, you want to make sure that you are making the effort and taking the time to keep it in prime condition. Our team of expert luxury car mechanics specialise in all types of luxury vehicles including BMW, Lexus, Porsche, Audi, Volvo, Peugeot and more.

If you are having issues with your exhaust’s emissions or noise creation, then the team at SNC automotive are here to help. We can offer our customers a full spec exhaust service including repairs to the exhaust manifold, gaskets, converters, muffler and tailpipes and more.

Ask us about our competitive fleet servicing offerings for local businesses located in Brendale, Brisbane North, Strathpine, Albany Creek, Bridgeman Downs, Bracken Ridge, Aspley and surrounding suburbs.

We can help you maintain the proper running of your car’s transmission by proactively managing the replacement of gear box lubricants, filters and bands. We can also use our state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to detect damage and advise on the best ways to repair.

If you have a car that is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty, we are authorised to carry out repairs and log book servicing without the risk of voiding your warranty. When we complete any type of service to your new vehicle, we will stamp and fill out all of the required sections in your logbook to ensure you have a copy of your routine maintenance item completions.

If you are looking at buying a 2nd hand car, it pays to get the help of an expert to ensure that you are buying a quality and well cared for vehicle that won’t cause you unnecessary costs or problems down the track. We can help by providing a thorough inspection of any vehicle and provide you with a recommendation as to the current condition of the vehicle and any concerns that you should take into account.

If your car is over 7 years old, you will need to get a certified pink slip before your states vehicle registration authority will allow you to re-register your vehicle. We are fully certified to carry out all inspection items and provide you with a roadworthy certificate, and communicate this information to the vehicle registration authority.

Your steering mechanism in your car can be a complex mechanical structure and is very important in maintaining a high safety level of your vehicle. We can help inspect and repair steering columns, power steering systems and ensure that your steering wheel and column is free from damage, debris or anything else that would impact its proper function.

We are experts at inspecting, diagnosing and repairing problems to do with the suspension system in your vehicle. Our team have helped hundreds of customers achieve a smoother ride, by optimising the performance of their shock absorbers, suspension and steering components.

Your tyres and wheels are the only thing that connects your car to the road, so it is imperative that you maintain them to be in top working condition. At SNC Automotive, we can help with every aspect of tyre and wheel maintenance including puncture repair, tyre replacement, wheel alignments and more.

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