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Can Water Damage to Your Vehicle’s Alternator?

Navigating through the unexpected, drivers often face the question: Can water really damage your vehicle’s alternator? The short answer is yes, but the impact and solutions are more nuanced than you might think. In this deep dive, we’ll explore how water interacts with your car’s power maestro, the alternator, and what you can do to mitigate any potential harm.

The Role of the Alternator:

At the heart of your vehicle’s electrical system is the alternator. It’s a pivotal component that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy, keeping the battery charged and the car’s electrical systems running smoothly. Essentially, it’s your car’s generator, ensuring that everything from the lights to the stereo has the power it needs​​.

Waterproof vs. Water-resistant:

While alternators are designed to be tough, they are not waterproof. Most are air-cooled, relying on internal fans to keep things running without overheating. They are, however, water-resistant to some degree, meaning they can handle splashes and minor water exposure. For instance, Stamford Alternators used in generators have an IP rating of 23, indicating a certain level of protection against water and solid objects​​.

The Dangers of Water to Your Alternator:

Alternators can withstand normal exposure to water, like rain and puddle splashes. However, prolonged or intense exposure can be detrimental. Submerging your alternator, even partially, can strip away the lubrication from the brass or bronze brushes inside, leading to rust, damage, and ultimately, failure. Sand and dirt can also enter the mix, further exacerbating the problem​​.

Cleaning and Drying Your Alternator:

Believe it or not, you can clean your alternator with water — but there’s a right way to do it. Avoid pressure washing directly, as this can harm the seals. Instead, use a gentle mix of water and dish soap to clean the terminals and brushes. After cleaning, it’s crucial to dry it out properly. A can of CRC electric clean or a similar product can help evaporate any lingering moisture. Leaving the hood open to increase airflow can also speed up the drying process​​​​.

Will It Be Fine Once It Dries Off?

In most cases, yes. Alternators are resilient and can bounce back from water exposure once properly dried. However, if you’ve used a power washer or left the engine on while washing, the damage might be irreversible, and the alternator may need to be replaced​​​​.

Prevention and Maintenance:

The best defense is a good offense. Regular checks and maintenance can help you spot potential issues before they escalate. Keep an eye on the alternator belt and ensure it’s replaced every six months. Keeping the alternator clean and free from grime is also vital. A routine inspection will help ensure everything is aligned and functioning as it should​​.

SNC Automotive: Your Ally in Car Care:

At SNC Automotive, a leading car mechanic shop in Brendale, we understand the intricacies of your vehicle’s electrical system. Our certified car mechanics are equipped to diagnose, prevent, and repair any issues with your alternator. Trust us to keep your journey smooth and your car in top condition.


Water can be an enemy to your vehicle’s alternator, but with the right knowledge and care, you can minimise the risks and keep your car running smoothly. Remember, the key to a healthy alternator and a reliable ride is regular maintenance and prompt attention to any signs of trouble.


What should I do if my alternator gets wet?

If your alternator gets wet, clean it with a gentle water and soap mixture, then dry it thoroughly using a precision cleaner or by allowing ample airflow.

Can driving through deep puddles damage my alternator?

Driving through deep puddles can potentially damage your alternator if water gets inside. It’s best to avoid deep water and have your alternator checked if you suspect it’s gotten wet.

How often should I inspect my alternator?

Inspect your alternator as part of your regular vehicle maintenance, or every six months, to ensure it’s clean, properly aligned, and functioning correctly.

Where can I get professional help with my alternator in Brendale?

At SNC Automotive, our certified Brendale car mechanics specialise in diagnosing and repairing alternators and other vehicle components, ensuring your car stays in peak condition.

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