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The Do’s and Don’ts of Washing Your Car: Protecting Your Paint and Finish

G’day mate! If you’re an Aussie proud of your car and always keen to give it the best sparkle, this one’s for you. You see, down under, our weather can be a bit rough on our rides. From scorching sun to sandy winds, it’s crucial to wash your car right.

Understanding Your Car’s Paint and Finish

First up, let’s have a yarn about what’s covering that beautiful vehicle of yours. The car paint isn’t just about the shiny colour that catches the eye; it’s a layer of protection. And when you throw in the unique challenges of the Aussie climate, like sunburn and the cheeky salt from our lovely beaches, protecting the finish becomes all the more important. Because, let’s be honest, no one likes a sunburnt car, right?

The Do’s of Washing Your Car

Alright, legend, here are some golden nuggets to keep your car looking like it just rolled out of the showroom.

a. Use the Right Products: It’s tempting to grab the closest detergent, but hold your horses! Always go for pH balanced soaps. They’re gentle on the paint, and they work wonders. And while you’re at it, make sure to use a good ol’ microfiber towel. Chuck out those regular rags! Why? Because our Australian climate demands perfection. And for those stubborn spots, don’t shy away from specific cleaning brushes; they do a bang-up job!

b. Choose the Correct Time and Place: Now, I know it’s tempting to wash the car when the sun’s out, showing off its muscles, but here’s a hot tip: Avoid direct sunlight. Find a cosy shaded spot or maybe even indoors if you can. Why, you ask? Because the early bird catches the worm, and by that, I mean early mornings or late arvos are the best times to give your car a rinse without the harsh sun playing spoilsport.

c. Rinse Thoroughly Before Washing: Picture this: you’ve hit the beach, sand’s everywhere. You wouldn’t scrub your face without rinsing, right? Same logic! Give your car a good rinse to shoo away the bigger debris. That way, you prevent your car from getting scratched up by sand and other mischief-makers.

d. Employ the Two-Bucket Method: Heard of it? It’s not rocket science. One bucket has your soapy water; the other has clean water for rinsing your cloth. It’s a stunner of a method and a real lifesaver for your car’s finish.

The Don’ts of Washing Your Car

Now, onto some no-nos, things that’ll make your car cringe!

a. Never Use Dish Soap or Household Cleaners: Crikey! These fellas might be champs at cleaning dishes, but they’re real troublemakers for your car. They strip away essential oils and might turn that shiny coat dull. Steer clear!

b. Avoid Air Drying: Letting nature do its thing sounds tempting, but air drying is a sneaky enemy. Those nasty water spots and mineral deposits? They’re out to get your car’s shine. Instead, play it smart. Whip out your trusty microfiber cloth and get drying.

c. Don’t Rub too Hard: Look, enthusiasm is excellent, but when washing, go gentle. Scrubbing too hard is like scratching an itch too much. Before you know it, you’ve done more harm than good. So, ease up, and let the products strut their stuff.

d. Stay Away from Automatic Car Washes: Sure, they seem convenient. But, more often than not, they’re a bit rough around the edges. The brushes might just be a tad too harsh for your beauty’s delicate paint, and some of the chemicals are like an unwanted guest at a barbie.

Additional Tips for Protecting Your Car’s Paint in Australia

Almost home stretch, mate!

a. Regular Waxing: Just like we slap on some sunscreen to battle the Aussie sun, our cars need some pampering too. A good waxing session now and then is like a spa day for your car, offering it protection against UV rays and keeping that shine top-notch.

b. Using Car Covers: Got a driveway without a roof? No worries. Just invest in a decent car cover, especially those breathable ones. Not only do they protect against unexpected birdie presents but also the sticky mess from gum trees.

c. Park Smartly: Speaking of trees, if you’re parking outdoors, it might be a good shout to avoid those sneaky gum trees and their sap-dropping antics. Whenever possible, a shaded, covered spot is your car’s best mate.


Look, at the end of the day, your car’s more than just a set of wheels. It’s a part of the family. Give it the love and care it deserves, especially with the curveballs our Aussie environment throws. Follow these do’s and don’ts, and you’ll have a ride that’s not just a head-turner but also stands the test of time. Cheers to keeping things spick and span!

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