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Understanding the difference between Basic Service vs Logbook Service

When you are maintaining the vehicle, quite a few types of service options are available. Two of the most common service options are logbook service and basic service. Most vehicle owners get confused when trying to select an option out of these. That’s why we thought of sharing an article to explain the difference between logbook service and basic service. After reading the logbook service vs basic service differences, you can go ahead with the right service option available.

What is Basic Service?

Basic service is where you can maintain fundamental aspects of your vehicle. It includes routine checks, inspections, and replacements of components needed. With basic service, your vehicle is inspected to see whether it is in a condition to be driven safely on the road. There are authorized service centers like SNC Automotive, that can provide basic service for your vehicle. They have qualified mechanics to deliver an impressive service.

What is included in a Basic Service? 

Now you have a basic idea of what a basic service is all about. While keeping that in mind, let’s learn more about what is included with general servicing.

  • Oil and oil filter change 

As a part of the basic service, you can have oil and oil filter changes. Adding fresh oil will make sure that your engine components are properly lubricated. Likewise, the oil filter will make sure that no contaminants will get into the engine from oil.

  • Fluid top-ups 

Mechanics will take a look at the essential fluid levels of your vehicle and top them up as needed. They include power steering fluid, brake fluid, and coolant. 

  • Visual inspection

Visual inspection of your vehicle is a part of general service. This minor service inspects different components, like lights, batteries, hoses, belts, and wipers. 

  • Tire check

A mechanic will take a look at tire depth and tire pressure. Likewise, the tires will be rotated to make sure that you have even wear.

  • Brake check

The brake check is where your discs, brake pads, and fluid levels are checked. This ensures proper braking performance.

  • Battery check 

Your battery will be tested to make sure that it is in perfect condition.

  • Air filter check

If you have a clogged or dirty air filter, you can expect a mechanic to replace it. This will ensure the efficiency of your engine.

What is a Logbook Service? 

Logbook service is something that you have to do while adhering to the specifications and guidelines of your manufacturer. It usually involves a comprehensive inspection of the vehicle. The mechanics will also follow routine maintenance. This will be customized according to the make, model, and mileage of your vehicle. You should visit an authorized service center such as SNC Automotive to get your logbook service as well.

What is included in the Logbook Service? 

Logbook service is important to ensure your car runs smoothly. Let’s learn what you can get out of a logbook service.

  • Manufacturer specifications 

The logbook service is specifically designed to cater to manufacturer requirements. It covers a variety of systems and components of your vehicle. The manufacturer defines inspection intervals as well. Likewise, parts will be replaced as per instructions given by the manufacturer.

  •  Genuine parts and fluids

During the logbook service, you can expect genuine fluids and parts to be used. This will help you with maintaining the longevity and performance of the vehicle.

  • Record keeping

Your services provider will keep detailed records of the tasks performed during the logbook service. This will help you keep track of the entire service history of the vehicle. It can also help you to remain compliant with the warranty.

  • Warranty protection 

If your vehicle still has a warranty, you should go ahead with the logbook service. Since you are doing the maintenance according to manufacturer specifications, you will not be voiding the warranty of the vehicle.

  • Advanced diagnostics 

Logbook service will offer advanced diagnostics checks to your vehicle. As a result, you can discover potential problems before they arise. This type of proactive approach will help you to overcome costly repairs and breakdowns.

What type of Service Should I Consider? 

Now you have a good idea of logbook service vs basic service. Let’s take a look at a few factors where you can decide the right service option out of these.

  • New vehicles

If you recently purchased a brand-new vehicle, you should proceed with the logbook service. Then you can follow the service as instructed by the manufacturer. You can ensure that your vehicle is receiving the specific maintenance as described by the manufacturer. This will help you to retain the resale value of your car. It can also maintain the optimal performance of the vehicle.

  • Warranty coverage

As mentioned earlier, the logbook service will help you to maintain warranty coverage of your vehicle. If you try to do a basic service, you might end up with voiding your warranty.

  • Cost 

Logbook service can be quite expensive. For example, you will be asked to use specific fluids and OEM components as requested by the manufacturer. They can make you spend more money on the service than going ahead with a basic service.

  • Personal preferences

You may also consider your personal preferences when selecting an option out of logbook service and basic service. If you prefer to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations, you should go ahead with the logbook service. It can provide peace of mind to you as well. That’s because you are getting the right service for your vehicle, as recommended by the manufacturer.

Final Words

By now, you know what basic service and logbook service are all about. While keeping these facts in mind, you may proceed with getting the right service as needed by your vehicle. Make sure that you pay attention to the age of the vehicle, warranty coverage, personal preferences, and budget. No matter what service you decide to get, you should get it from a reputed service provider such as SNC Automotive. 

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